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As creator of “Flute is a DRAG”, Taylor Irelan has combined his career in drag as Kylie Fortissimo with his career as a musician. As a drag artist, she has won multiple competitions and crowns including Tampa Drag Race Live, Drag Wars, and made nationals for Miss Gay USofA Newcomer. Kylie is the first drag queen ever to be invited to perform at a major flute convention. She performed and presented at the 2020 Mid Atlantic Flute Convention, and was invited to be the guest artist for the Saturday Late Night Cabaret for the 2020 National Flute Association Convention. The event, now rescheduled to 2021 due to COVID-19, is entitled “Flute is a DRAG: An Evening Extravaganza Celebrating the LGBTQ Community”, and features exclusively queer performers and composers, with original compositions commissioned especially for the event. Kylie has performed for audiences across the United States and the United Kingdom as a special guest entertainer.

The purpose of "Flute is a DRAG" is to bring laughter to an often all too serious and stressful career in classical music, and to combine live theater, the art of drag, and music, for the ultimate entertainment experience.

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